Go Ogle..

Well.. The post name is "Go Ogle"..
Ogle means :"To glance with amorous invitation or challenge"
LoL..!! Thats what happened when I took this Tag from Cinderella...
I found some whacky answers n' just kept Ogling to my FireFox webpage...!!!

This Tag commands me to type "my name + needs" in Google searchbar.. n' to share the results with ya' all.... (Phew..!!)

Well Here's what I Got... (I hate Google.. BigTime !!)

I. Needs to have the game in this drive "d:\games......."
(Yeah.. Right.. Am A Video Game Freak Anyway..!!)

II. Needs a 5" fork to hit the right angles..
(DuH..!! Now What I'll do with the rest ??? Haan ?? :X)

III. Need times to be in our body instead of our heads and to feel the ecstasy of letting go..
(Oooooooooo.. Really..!!!)

IV. Needs a new direction, and I really do belive that the old formula was a good one..
(A New Direction Based On Old Formulae ?? Thats Insane...!!)

V. Need to have 140bpm..
(Whts That ?? "HeartBeats Per Minute ??" Dude.. I'll be Some Super-Man Then...)

VI. Need to bring up another issue before I enter..
(Oh..!! Please... :'( )

VII. Need to do drugs to enjoy..
(Nah... No Fuc**n' Way.. Ok..!!)

VIII. Needs even less of an introduction than Richie Hawtin..
(Oh Yeah.. ?? Am I That Famous ??)

IX. Needs to be happy but actually what you find is there's a lot more emotional energy at the bad end of the spectrum than there is at the happy end of the spectrum..
(This Made Me Think Again...)

X. Needs an instrument in the world for good..
(Oh..!! Don't Worry About That..!! Hehe..!!)

XI. Needs to be Grounded into your body as well, and the Axiatonal Initiation also includes an extremely effective fourfoot diameter..
(Four Foot Diameter..!! You mean Two Foot Radius ????? Are Giants Still Alive ??? Jeez..!!!)

XII. Needs to feel understood and loved..
(sob !! sob !!)

XIII. Need RealPlayer installed..
(Ye.. Ye.. Its in my Cellphone Too..!!)

XIV. Needs to loose weight!..
(Oww.. Google wants me to be Invisible..Hmmm!!)

XV. Needs more sub-bass..
(Ow.. I thought thats "subtle-ass" !!! ThankGod...)

XVI. Needs to feel you..
(Ahem..!! Someone told me.. Only Female Bloggers Visit This Blog..!!! :P)

XVII. Needs something to convince him that this suffering is worthwhile..

XVIII. Needs a technology development and integration specialist..
(Aur Unko Leke Achaar Daloon Kya ?? Am An Animator For Godsake..!!!)

XIX. Needs thousands of heads..
(One Head n' its aching like Hell.... Who Needs A Thousand ??)

XX. Needs cards in his graveyard..
(No Comments..!!)

Dunno' What To Say Now.......
But Google Sucks In This Case Atleast.......!!!


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