Blame Not Me.. My Blamer...!!

Here I come again,
The same old paths wondering at me..
Asking Where I left my precious..
Did she vanish from my tortured soul....

And I Say..

Leave me, my Blamer,
For the sake of the love,
Which unites your soul with That of your beloved one...
And leave me to my own Weeping Heart...
That heart which I want to pullout,
to bring him out from his prison,
And to carry him on my palms..
To examine him in depth And extract his secret..
Don't let your arrows hurt him,
And make him bleed the blood,
As a sacrifice at the alter of his Own faith...
I want to free him from the Quilted slumber of wrong..
Do not Detain me My Blamer !

Advice me not my Blamer,
For ruthless pains have scattered my Heart,
And Magmanic Tears have cleansed my eyes,
And falls have taught me the depth of my agony,
And Distances have spoken the language of the hearts...

Relate me not my Blamer,
The tales of wealth and greatness..
For My Soul is rich with your memoirs,
And those are enough to survive for a lifetime,
I don't care what the ultimatum is...

Remember me not my Blamer,
For I am like dusts in a storm,
Many will come and many will go...
And You can't even keep count....

You'll be blameless my Blamer,
For all the blames I take on me..
If someday your soul asks for judgement,
Tell Her to come, and to talk to me....
My lonely nights, my empty thoughts will give her a clue,
My flooding eyes, my parching lips will tell her what is true...

Will Tell Her What Is True........


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